Agricultural Machines

2- 4730 Sprayer – John Deere

John Deere brought to Agrishow the new 4730 sprayer equipped with a carbon fiber bar. The novelty promises 8% fuel savings and less soil compaction as it is 350 kilograms lighter. The technology was brought directly to Formula 1 agribusiness.
At 36 meters in length, it is also one of the largest in the sector, which helps to have better performance and productivity.
The same product has a version for cane , which ensures better precision in application. The model is also equipped with Fleet Management Solutions, on-board technology developed by Auteq, a Brazilian company acquired by the John Deere group. With it, it is possible to have a modern solution for intelligent fleet management and greater automation.

BE1035 Sugarcane Harvester – Valtrao

Monitoring system allows Valtra to analyze machine performance in the field and suggest preventive solutions to the
The harvester of cane was the technology that was missing for the Valtra could offer a complete line of agricultural machinery for sugar cane . The launch is also the first product developed at the brand’s new factory in Ribeirão Preto (SP).
There are 350hp from the AGCO Power 9.8L engine, which the brand claims to provide low consumption and longer service life, in addition to better adjustment in the torque/RPM ratio.
It is equipped with a new monitoring system that allows Valtra to analyze the machine’s performance in the field and can suggest preventive solutions to the customer.
R$ 20 million were invested in researching this new model, a bet Valtra made for the sugarcane sector in crisis . “We believe that it is possible to transform the current scenario, and with the recovery, it will be necessary to invest in technologies that help the plants to increase the recovery, it will be necessary to invest in technologies that help the plants to increase their productivity”, justifies Alexandre de Assis, company sales manager.


Easy Riser Planter – Case IH

A larger reservoir developed by Case IH for its new Easy Riser planter, presented at Agrishow, promises to offer 30% more seed autonomy compared to similar models from the competition. The machine is able to store 2.1 tons of seeds and 6 tons of fertilizer , which in practice result in greater operating efficiency, that is, less refueling stops. The model developed at the Piracicaba (SP) hub, with an investment of R$ 30 million in research, can be equipped with 11, 13, 15, 17, 19 or 24 planting lines.
For Alberto Maza, marketing specialist at Case IH, a 24-line Easy Riser can grow up to 36 hectares of soybean planting per load. “This index means up to 10 hectares more when compared to similar models”, he explains.
Economy is also present: Case IH claims that with the Efficient Power concept, it is possible to save 20% of fuel.
The differentiated fertilizer tank format also provides better use of the input, avoiding waste with product residue retention inside the machine.

Combine Harvester MF 9695 Trident – ​​Massey Fergusson

For Agrishow, Massey Fergusson brought the new version of the class 6 combine, model 9694 Trident. As an evolution of the machine, the brand claims that under ideal conditions of use it is possible to save up to 30% on fuel – a result of the comparison with the previous model. The engine power can reach 380hp even with a reserve tank.
In addition to consumption, the harvester is equipped with a Trident processing system, consisting of a new rotor measuring 70 cm in diameter and 3.56 m in length. This results in better separation during harvest and higher grain quality.
There’s also the V-Cool cooling system, which “virtually eliminates the need to clean the radiators” and cools the engine, giving it longer engine life. Radiators with reverse hydraulic cycles are activated even during harvest, providing less downtime for daily cleaning, overheating or clogging of rotating screens.
The grain storage tank has a capacity of 10,570 liters and a discharge rate of 88 liters per second.
Optionally, there are embedded technologies such as the Fieldstar II productivity monitor, Auto-Guide 3000 autopilot and the AgCommand telemetry system.

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