Car Insurance, What does it cover?

Do you know how Car Insurance works?How is the amount charged? Understand here!
Thinking about taking out car insurance but not sure how it works or what it covers? In this post, we will show you how this insurance can be offered and what are the advantages of having it. Check out!
The insurance is a type of contract in which the customer pays a sum of money to the insurer so that in case of incidents involving the insured property, the costs are reimbursed.
There are two types of insurance: those that cover the full value and those that cover the partial value of the vehicle, so it is important to be aware before closing a deal and signing a contract.
First of all, you should also be aware of what the insurance covers: some only cover theft and fire and others cover more categories such as accidents involving third parties.
Profile of who will hire car insurance:
Insurance amounts vary according to the vehicle owner’s profile.
Factors such as age, sex, driving time, mileage driven per year or month and even how many people use the vehicle can influence the price of insurance.
Basically, whoever presents less risk pays less.
Do you know how Car Insurance works? What does it cover? How is the amount charged? Understand here!
Some cars have a more “targeted” profile for robberies and theft and consequently insurance will be more expensive.
Sports models also enter this list, as they have a more characteristic and equipped profile, such as light alloy wheels and latest generation headlights, which makes insurance a little more expensive when compared to “conventional” cars.
Information on where the car is located is also a determinant of value. If at home or at work it is not in a garage but on the street, the value will be higher.


What do I need to do to trigger the insurance?

If you had your car, stolen or were involved in an accident, to file a claim (the act of filing for insurance) you must present some documents.
All theft, theft and accidents must be recorded, so insurance companies ask for a copy of the police report, personal documents and vehicle documents.
After this process is done, the insurer has up to 30 days to make the indemnity.

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