Countries that use the most solar energy 2022

Countries that use the most solar energy
Solar energy is standing out as an alternative source for electricity generation worldwide. It is an abundant source even in countries in the north of the globe, considered to be colder, in the summer the sun shines and provides the necessary heat for the production of this type of energy. Governments and private companies are increasingly investing in this solution as a way to have less impact on the planet and obtain cost savings, in addition to decreasing dependence on fossil fuels, which are more polluting and exhaustible.

Top 7 Countries that use solar energy the most

We will talk about the 7 countries that most use solar energy in the world. According to data measured in January 2017, in first place is China, with 78,100 Megawatts, in second place comes Japan with 42,800 Megawatts, in third place comes Germany with the capture of 41,200 Megawatts, in fourth place is the States United with 40,300 Megawatts; in fifth place comes Italy with 19,300MW, in sixth position the United Kingdom with 11.6MW and in seventh place in the ranking comes India with 9,000 Megawatts of capture. In Brazil, funding is very low, it is still far in the ranking and does not appear on the list.


Countries have increased every day, in 2015 the investment was a record reaching the mark of more than 280 billion dollars. And the emerging countries were the ones that moved the most resources, the growth was 19% that year with investment in this area of ​​sustainable energy. While in the richest countries, the indicator shows a reduction of 8% compared to the same year. The grand total of investments in clean energy in eleven years, from 2004 to 2015, in the world was 2.3 trillion dollars, all these data were released last year by UNEP (United Nations Program for the Environment).



Brazil has been growing little by little in the capture of renewable energy, according to expectations our country should be among the 20 largest users of solar energy in the world by 2018.
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