Diet and Exercise for Weight Loss

Diet and Exercise for Weight Loss

Diet and Weight Loss

Weight reduction requires that energy expenditure exceed dietary energy intake. Despite a considerable amount of research dedicated to understanding the role of diet in mediating weight control, there remains disagreement regarding basic issues including the appropriate energy content, and perhaps more controversial, the ideal macronutrient distribution.

Energy Content

Manipulation of the energy content will impact the rate of weight loss. Very low-calorie diets will result in larger, more rapid reductions in weight loss, whereas a small to moderate reduction in energy intake will result in a small, steady rate of weight loss. The pertinent question becomes: does the rate of weight loss affect long-term weight maintenance or other health-related outcomes?


You want to lose weight but probably don’t know what is the most effective way todo it right?

If you’re thinking it’s going to be from walking, running, cardio machines at the gymand a ton of ab exercises then it’s time to change your perspective.
Don’t get me wrong, those type of exercises have its benefits, but if I was to show you how to lose 3 times more body fat in half the time, would you be interested?
The way to do it is from doing HIIT training.
“What is HIIT training and how do I do it?”
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