Enel Green Power – energy complexes

Enel Green Power automates 23 renewable plants with six solar energy complexes
In accumulated terms, projects are capable of generating up to 3.2 GW of power
The Enel Green Power , renewable energy company Enel Group, has just automate 23 plants of renewable generation in Brazil, nine hydroelectric plants, six solar-eight wind turbines, capable of generating up to 3.2 GW of power. The process was made possible thanks to the use of two solutions from the company Elipse Software: Elipse E3 and Elipse Power Renewable, whose applications were implemented by the partner Automalógica Sistemas para Automacao .
“We chose Elipse mainly because its IEC-61850 driver has international DNV-GL certification, which represents the highest level of competence and reliability in electrical system automation, meeting all the prerequisites determined by the IEC-61850 electrical standard ”, says Tetiana Guimarães dos Santos Reis, electrical engineer at Enel Green Power, master in IEC-61850.
Elipse Power Renewable was the solution chosen by Enel for supervising and controlling 6 of its solar plants. With the software, it is possible to monitor the active and reactive power of each of these plants , as well as the irradiation, wind speed, solar position and the number of available and active inverters. Inverters are equipment that convert the energy generated by solar panels from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC), a form capable of transmission.
With the platform, it is possible to supervise the powers of a large number of inverters on a reduced number of screens. It also allows you to monitor the generated powers with several adjustment possibilities. On another screen, Elipse E3 shows the location of Enel’s plants on a map of Brazil. In it, it is also possible to monitor the power that can be generated and that being produced by the plants.
Through Elipse Power Renewable, Enel is also able to monitor all electrical quantities of power, current, voltage and frequency measured with each generator of its hydroelectric plants. To facilitate this control, Elipse’s software has intuitive and friendly interfaces. In addition, it is important to highlight that the application was developed with unique and differentiated screens for each plant, according to the variables to be monitored in each one of them.
The current condition of generators, turbines, circuit breakers, disconnectors and transformers is also supervised by Elipse Power Renewable. To reinforce control, the software has an alarm system that alerts maintenance, so that it can diagnose and solve problems more quickly and safely.
In wind applications, Elipse Power Renewable monitors the active and apparent power of plants, power capacities, wind speed and the number of wind turbines that are in communication, available and producing. The solution also displays how much energy each wind turbine is producing, showing the active and reactive power being generated in each of the wind farms. In addition, it indicates the location where each park connects to the bus through which the energy will be transmitted and, as in the automation of hydroelectric plants, it lists the alarms in the lower margin of its screens.

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