Health care

The value of health care

Health care is a process which is not limited to the health sector. In the context of Western medicine, health care  is  focused  on  the  organised  medical  care  of  individuals.
This concern  is  realised  through  the  application  of  medical  technology  by  health  care professionals  in  an  institutional  setting.
However,  health  care  is  not  always  clearly distinguished from other activities to improve human life and not always valued first and foremost for the production of health. Health care professionals may see their goals not in terms of improving health, as the long-term objective, but rather in terms of managing an organisation, which is sometimes shorter-term day-to-day goal.
For some people health care is a right, a human requirement which any decent society will make available for all its members.
For others, health care is to be seen as an expenditure and the health sector as producing  health  care  which  is  the  subject  of  political  struggle  and  capturing  votes  –  a commodity or resource for which people compete.
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