Health strategy development

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Health strategy development

Situational analysis represents an important step of the pre-planning phase for a strategy development.  It  actually  evaluates  the  profile  of  population’s  health  (can  be  a  “target” population)  and  the  health  care  system  in  relation  with  the  internal  and  external environment.
The  assessment  can  be  done  based  on  available  and  reliable  health indicators.
The main goal of this step is to identify priority health problems based on valid criteria.  Another important  goal is  to provide data and information  necessary  to design goals and objectives for the strategy.
Data and information collected during this step cover the following domains:


  • internal and external  environment  (review  of  economic,  social  and  health objectives and policies) – SWOT analysis;
  • health status and  related  determinants  (mortality  and  morbidity  rates,  disability, burden of disease, life expectancy, lifestyle indicators, trends etc.);
  • health system (public/private institutions, accessibility for health care, population coverage with services, patient flow within the health care system, etc.) resources – human, material and financial (7-10).

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