Marketing is the engine of business growth. If you are just starting a business, a marketing plan is essential. If you’ve been in business a while and are stagnating, implementing specific marketing strategies can help reinvigorate your company.
Internet Marketing Geeks takes marketing seriously. We provide our clients with not only the strategies for marketing success, we can perform the specific tactics to fulfill them.
We advise every client on marketing budgets, expected return on particular marketing channel as well as the regulatory complexities involved with their verticals.
Our marketing services include:


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Creation
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Intent Based Advertising
  • PPC & Remarketing

Search Engine Optimization
SEO is one of our team’s core competencies. Our founder started his career as an SEO Consultant. Internet Marketing Geeks was originally created as an SEO services company. Over the last decade we have grown to include a wide range of services, but search engine optimization is where it all started for us.
If you want cutting edge tactics combined with years of experience ranking websites in the largest markets in the U.S. then look no further.
Content Creation
Content creation is one of the most important marketing activities your company will engage in. The content you create will define your success in many ways. Highly engaging, on brand content that is well researched and written in your brand’s voice is crucial to every other marketing tactic you will use.
Our writers can produce content from ad copywriting to full blown books on any topic. We have spent years finding the best writers in the industry. Save yourself and your team the time it takes to write really great content and focus on the bigger picture by letting Internet Marketing Geeks handle it for you.
Email Marketing
Email marketing is a fantastic way to keep your brand top of mind with previous customers. It is an easy and direct line of communication between your company and people who are predisposed to be open to your pitches.
We can leverage your existing clients to help create brand ambassadors that want to tell everyone they know about your business. Why leave a potential army of people that will sing your praises just collecting dust?
Video Marketing
Video is only getting more popular online as connection speeds increase – especially as mobile speeds increases. If your company isn’t engaging in video marketing, you are missing out on a major way that potential customers are engaging with brands online.
Our team can assist in all phases of a video marketing campaign. From script writing to video search optimization, we can help you maximize the power of video to get out your story and amplify it to the world.
Social Media
With the emergence of so many social platforms over the last ten years, it can be daunting to know where to spend your time and effort to engage your audience. Our social media team assists our clients in figuring out where their ideal customers are so they can effectively speak to them.
Internet Marketing Geeks can make sure you are not spinning your wheels shouting to an empty room. We’ll narrow in with laser focus to the key demographics your company is looking to connect with and craft campaigns that will resonate with them in the places they spend their time.
Intent Based Advertising
Imagine you identified the perfect customer. Now imagine you could know when the exact right moment is to show that person an ad that would have the best chance of turning them into a customer. That is intent based advertising.
Leveraging big data and machine learning, we can identify ideal customers based on user profiles and advertise to them at the exact moment they are making a purchase decision. This is the future of advertising.
PPC & Remarketing
Paid advertising has been a cornerstone of internet marketing for many years. This tried and true method of advertising is almost a no brainer these days. In conjunction with a robust SEO program, paid advertising provides a hefty one-two punch that can turbo charge business growth.
Internet Marketing Geeks can provide you with the right platforms, placements and messaging to ensure you capture your potential client’s attention – and keep it.
Let’s Promote Your Brand
If you are ready to make the leap and start marketing, or if you just need to reinvigorate your existing programs, reach out to us and start the conversation about how we can take your marketing in a game-changing direction that will steal the show from your competition.

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