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Our specialist cover for engineering contractors offers expert insurance for onshore and offshore workers in the energy, oil and gas industries.

What is offshore contractor insurance?

Offshore contractor insurance is a suite of insurance products that protect energy contractors from the risks they face daily if you work on offshore oil and gas installations, at power stations, chemical works, oil refineries, nuclear plants, wind-farms or in other energy professions.

The primary cover offered is professional indemnity insurance, but we also offer public and product liability insurance; occupational personal accident cover; business equipment cover; cyber and data risks insurance, and legal expenses insurance.


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Why do offshore contractors need insurance?

Insurance requirements for offshore energy contractors differ from many mainstream industries due to the extreme risk situations of the sector.

Our suite of insurance products offer comprehensive cover specific to the energy sector to cover you for alleged negligence claims, design errors, breaches of contract, accidents and sickness, accidental damage to property, portable electronic equipment, loss of data and cyber risks, and many more.

The oil and gas industry has unique working practices, rules and regulations, therefore it’s important you seek an experienced insurer when you consider purchasing your cover.

How do I arrange offshore contractor insurance

Buying your insurance online is fast and easy – our easy quote form allows you to select only the cover you want and not have to pay for extras you don’t need. You’ll receive an instant proof of cover document to prove to clients and agencies you have the correct cover in place to secure a contract.

Get an online quote in just 90 seconds now!

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