Security specialist【Job opportunities in mozambique】

PRI is recruiting a Security Specialist to work in a factory to be based in Maputo with the following features:


• Oversee and monitor routine security administration;
• Identify abnormalities and report violations;
• Perform vulnerability testing, risk analyses and security assessments;
• Define access privileges, control structures and resources;
• Develop and update business continuity and disaster recovery protocols;
• Design and conduct security audits to ensure operational security;
• Respond immediately to security incidents and provide post-incident analysis;
• Research and recommend security upgrades;


• Technical degree with proven experience in a factory environment;
• Knowledge of health and safety standards;
• Methodical and well-organized approach to work;
• Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines;
• Communication skills and the ability to interact effectively with a range of people;
• Understanding of confidentiality issues;
• Notion of information systems which CCTV;
• Proficient in Portuguese and English;

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Author: Moz Recrutamento

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