Strategy, as it relates to your marketing efforts, is simply the long term approach of planning out the actionable efforts your business will engage in to reach your goals and gain a sustainable competitive advantage.
Many businesses forego this crucial step in their marketing efforts. Skipping over strategy is like asking a home builder to construct a home without any blueprints. You may attain the goal of getting a house in the end, but it will take longer, cost more, and result in avoidable frustration on the part of everyone involved.
How We Approach Marketing Strategy
At Internet Marketing Geeks, we take a holistic approach to brand identity led marketing. Because of that, marketing strategy is the foundation upon which all our efforts are built.
It is extremely important for businesses that want to grow, gain brand recognition and dominate their industries to have a clear plan for getting from where they are, to where they want to go.
We help our clients in a variety of ways during the research, planning and drafting phases of creating their marketing strategy. Our service include:


  • Marketing Strategy Documentation
  • Discovery & Research
  • User Profiling
  • Brand Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Content Strategy
  • Marketing Campaign Roadmaps
  • GDPR & Website Privacy Strategy

Marketing Strategy Documentation
When a client engages us to create a marketing strategy, the end result is a comprehensive document that details all of the insights, research and actionable strategies for execution of a marketing plan.
This document not only catalogs the high level information we gather from discovery – it details marketing tactics down to the finest detail. The marketing strategies that our team produces can be picked up by anyone and can be followed to achieve measurable success.
Discovery & Research
Discovery & market research are the very first step in the process of determining your brands marketing strategy. Our team runs collaborative, user-centric discovery sessions designed to surface actionable insights about your brand and your customers.
We take the information gathered from these discovery sessions and leverage a variety of sources to perform in depth research about your market and target demographics.
This research is priceless when we are deciding how and where your brand should engage with your target audience.
User Profiling
During discovery, we will dig deep with you to understand and flesh out user profiles. These fictional ideal customers give us insight into the behaviors, media consumption tendencies and optimal tone & language needed to connect with your audience.
The user profiles we create with be referenced throughout our engagement to ensure we are always positioning your brand in a way that truly resonates. These profiles are the guiding star for our team in everything we do for your business.
Brand Strategy
Your brand is not your logo. It is not how your brand speaks to current and prospective clients. It is not your website. All of those things are part of your brand identity, which in turn is part of a larger brand strategy.
Brand strategy is the plan a business puts into action that encompasses its brand identity, market position, messaging and design to promote a specific way for the public to think about a company.
Think about how you feel about some of the largest brands – Apple, Google, Microsoft… The way you think about these brands is due to the success or failure of the implementation of their respective brand strategies.
Brand Positioning
Brand positioning is the core of a brand strategy. We work with our clients to connect their brand to emotional and intellectual triggers in their target audience. By doing so, we hope to shape the perception of the brand in the minds of its audience.
We do this by researching what your target audience wants, how to convey to them your brand core capabilities and differentiating you from your competition.
Content Stratgey
Once your brand strategy is defined, user profiles completed and market research finalized, we set out for our clients a content strategy designed to engage with clients at all points of the user journey.
We provide extensively detailed content road maps that guide your brand in all aspects of content creation and promotion. From what topics to create content around, down to what day and time to release that content via various marketing channels to ensure maximum engagement.
Marketing Strategy Road Maps
Similar to a content strategy, every client that we engage with for marketing strategy gets a complete road map for the tactics and implementation of the strategies.
We don’t just talk about high level strategies with our clients that they could easily Google, we provide the plan with real world action items to achieve business goals.
GDPR & Website Privacy Strategy
It is important that you have a strategy in place for your business to deal with customer privacy and data concerns. There are laws in place in both the U.S. and EU that govern how businesses deal with customer privacy.
We can help guide you through these snares with a robust GDPR & Website Privacy Strategy.
Could Your Business Benefit from a Marketing Strategy?
At Internet Marketing Geeks, we believe that every business needs a marketing strategy if they are serious about growth and achieving success with their company.
If you are ready to take your business to the next level – and beyond – we encourage you to reach out to us and start a conversation about your ideas and how we can help you.

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