What is a health plan?

What is a health plan?

Private health plans were born from the government’s inability to provide a quality health service that can meet everyone’s needs. In this way, private companies have emerged that, for a fee, offer this service.


Health plan

Health strategy development: What is
To market a health plan, operators must make available the entire list of procedures pre-established by the ANS. This list is a list of services that include surgeries and their most varied types, exams and so on. In addition, operators must have a network of accredited hospitals that will assist you when contracting a medical insurance.
It is important to point out that all operators offer the same services and all are included in the list, being able to offer extra coverage, but never below what is required. What causes the variation in price is where the beneficiary will be served, that is, the quality of the network of hospitals and laboratories accredited.
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