Why is it now more common to see court-ordered mortgage cases?

Since the New Code of Civil Procedure came into force in 2015, it has become more common to see judicial mortgage cases with people who bought real estate on the plant. This happened because previously it was only possible to apply for a judicial mortgage in cases of “payment of an installment, consisting of cash or something”.
However, now the judicial mortgage is more comprehensive, being used in more cases. In addition, it is no longer necessary to apply for a court authorization for the registration of the mortgage in the land registry. In the past, this took time and, in many cases, the application was not even considered because of the creditor’s appeal.
In practice, years passed and the debtor got rid of the asset, so as not to have to “lose it” in the guarantee of the judicial mortgage.
However, with the changes, the creditor will only need to take to the land registry office a copy of the judicial mortgage sentence to obtain the encumbrance of the appeal in the registration of the property or asset.
But what to do when you are not responsible for the mortgage?
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